Great Walks Near and Around Stonehenge

Stonehenge is situated slap bang in the middle of some of Britain’s finest hiking country. Indeed, Wiltshire’s gently undulating moorland, its wealth of other historic sites and landmarks, and its plethora of great pubs and country eateries, make it an excellent place to enjoy a country trek. This article details four of the best hikes [...]

Whats so great about Reading Festival?

Rock, wellies, rain, dance, party, drink…it can only mean one thing, the Reading Festival. The city of Reading, on the outskirts of London is perhaps most famous for its annual festival than anything else. It’s the time when revellers from across the country and abroad make their yearly pilgrimage to the farmlands, pitch their tents, [...]

What to Do In the Garden Of England

There is plenty on offer in Kent, the sunny south-eastern county aptly known as the Garden of England is awash with attractions and events throughout the whole year and there’s something for everyone which is why its on so many people wish list to see. There are numerous beautiful beaches with three being awarded blue [...]

Why does Stratford attract so many visitors?

You have to take a tour to Stratford from London and you’ll discover just why it is that this town lives up to its reputation and attracts so many visitors each year. Shakespeare County Shakespeare’s County as the area is commonly referred to, is unquestionably an exciting place to visit and explore. There is a [...]

Why take the time to visit Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is probably Britain’s most fascinating landmark and a renowned World Heritage Site. Dating back some five thousand years it holds an ancient history and has been the constant topic of great debate and supposition for years. The Stonehenge that can be seen today was completed around five thousand years ago but underwent at least [...]

Discover the wonderful world of Cumbria

Man has proven himself time and time again to be the most powerful creature on this planet. Only half of it is owed to his physical strength, with the other half down to his ability to learn and create. Up until now man has created many wonders throughout the world. Yet, there is nothing that [...]

How to see Stonehenge for free

Ever year over a million tourists flock to see Stonehenge and each of them paying for the privilege. Some will take day trips from London to Stonehenge just to see the stones with a private driver and guide, while others will see it as part of a tour of other popular destinations including places such [...]